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  • iGameHost is a very great host. I just got a server from them and it has NO LAG AT ALL. The staff answers my questions fast, and their answers are very useful. So I recommend this host to everyone.

    tjdogup, Client, Minecraft Forums

  • Hosting went well. Offers sponsorship. Nice support. Automatic set up. No lag 24/7. With a cheap price!

    DeltaGrinch, Client, Minecraft Forums

  • LAG FREE server for a good price!

    GhOsTxTech, Client, Minecraft Forums

  • Great host no lag and gave me my opportunity to get my community back online.

    louislemarechal, Client, Minecraft Forums

  • This is a great host, I recommend anyone who is looking for a host to get this one. The support is great, and answered fast.  Setup is instant, no lag, this is probably one of the best host's you can get these days.

    SantaClauz, Client, Minecraft Forums

  • Seems legit. (This really means a lot.)

    EricLimaB, Reviewer, Minecraft Forums

  • This Host is an amazing company! Their servers are lag free and run perfectly!

    InfinityHaven, Client, Minecraft Forums

  • I never thought you could get a host this good! No lag at all, amazing staff, and a great price! I would rate these guys 11 out of 10! They are the best company I have ever used!

    OB36789 , Client, Minecraft Forums

  • This Hosting is amazing. 10/10. No lag, fast help. No problems. This is the real deal.

    Masta_Gangsta75, Client, Minecraft Forums

  • They (iGameHost) are an amazing server company and are extremely friendly.

    NSosa, Client, Minecraft Forums


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